I am impressed by Brixton and their Spring 2012 Lookbook. How I stumbled across this bonafide “skater” brand? Je ne pas. J’adore though! As you can decipher, our Pastelledaze team appreciates a good concept here and there when it comes to the production of videos. Will you promise me that you will check their site out?!

Merci beaucoup!


Another beautifully produced video by the great Giuseppe Capotondi. “Millionaire” by Kelis featuring Andre 3000 was also produced by Capotondi. This track by Skunk Anansie is mystically paired with a contorted yet intriguing video concept. Enjoy as the bald headed lead singer croons the angst the video displays. This screams ’90s all over it… Considering it was released in 1999. You know the deal. If you are brave enough to see a bittersweet, three’s company Bonnie and Clyde then click, watch, and download!